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If you aspire to be a qualified beauty therapist with a certificate that can be recognised anywhere in the world then the Her Beauty institution in Malabo is the place for you.


Her Beauty Institution Malabo will the first accredited beauty institution in Equatorial Guniea thats its student certification will be recognised anywhere in the world. All our beauty therapist have over 10years experience in the beauty industry and promised of providing our student with expert training and quality educations in the beauty industry.


All our classes are kept very small to ensure a one and one contact between leader and educator. This is the strength of our 100% success in the health, beauty and skincare therapy external national or international examination we hold annually.


if a professional outcome through an accredited beauty institution is what you are after, then welcome to our beauty school. we look forward to meeting you and being an intregal part of your future career within one of the largest growing industries.


we offer a wide range of affordable modular courses which can be take as individual weekly on monthly learn credits and certificates, or as combination course which lead to international certifications.

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